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Integration is the most important link in your investment. If your hardware and software don't work together, you can't get any work done. With decades of experience, we can help your company achieve the production goals of today and tommorow.

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Our magic is customer service. Service is our business, not sales. Our customers contact us, not a hotline. We always educate our clients about what we're doing and why we're doing it. We constantly inform our clients of the newest hardware and software available. Our name says it all: ILLUVATAR, to illuminate (intellectual enlightenment) and avatar (the embodiement of a principal), We promise to do everything within our power to keep you up and running.


Integration is the key to unlocking the full potential of your hardware and/or software investment. It requires a clear understanding of the whole process involved in configuring your hardware and software. Whether you have one machine or many, you need to achieve maximum productivity. Your efficiency can be dramatically increased by correctly integrating your hardware and software.


We have two decades of hardware, software, UNIX and customer service experience, as well as a decade of SGI integration experience including video equipment and film recorders. From PC's to Macintoshes, to SGI's, we've worked on them all, and then some. We provide customer service throughout all of Southern California, but are not limited to that area.


"They do everything, from setup to problem solving to maintenance. It's a pleasure when they keep us informed by passing on their knowledge. They can even fix our machines over the modem!"

Derry Frost, Director of Production - SimEx Digital Studios

"With ILLUVATAR as our system administration and service provider, we have virtually no down time. Their efficiency and responsiveness are unparalleledf"

Brian Jennings, President - Todd-AO Digital Images

"...from set-up to troubleshooting, we can always count on a timely response and intelligent solutions from ILLUVATAR..."

Jeff Kleiser, President - Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company

"The services provided by ILLUVATAR were exceptional. With their help, we pushed the limits of our hardware and software to new heights."

Chris Woods, Visual Effects Director - Steep Hollow Productions

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